1.2 GHz, One-to one amplifier, local powering, PG11, 43dB, 2*CXF065, bi-directional, programmable via PC and Android

ACE3 is an intelligent amplifier with one active output with a forward gain up to 43 dB. It offers high output level (CTB/CSO 117/118 dBµV) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz bandwidth. Remote monitoring and control is possible via either DOCSIS or HMS/Catvisor protocol.

The most advanced DOCSIS 3.1 amplifier in the market

  • Downstream frequency band reaches up to 1.2 GHz which ensures fulfilment of all future bandwidth needs.
  • Upstream is flexible and it can be easily updated to 204 MHz.

ACE3 features:

  • Remote power supply with PFC
  • Intelligent continuous adjustments
  • External access to test points
  • Local control through external  USB connection
  • Amplifier can be ordered with customer specific settings
  • GaN amplifier technology
  • Excellent ESD and surge protection
  • With AC6991/AC6980 transponder plug-in: CATVisor / HMS (AC6992) or DOCSIS (AC6980) remote connection, ALSC with fully user programmable pilots, Downstream spectrum analyser, Upstream signal quality monitoring with automatic ingress control, True plug-and-play with single pushbutton alignment and Return path pilot generator (AC6991)


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